what is

Live You Fully is a revolutionary 7 week coaching program that leads the modern evolving woman into a new way of being, enjoying and doing in her life. Over the course of 7 weeks, you will awaken to new possibilities, opportunities and begin to give yourself permission to live life on your terms. As you move in the direction of your Beautiful Life you will require to ENGAGE in your life in a new way.

You will experience:

  • permission to live your life your way without guilt
  • courage to make decisions that will serve you even when others question or doubt you
  • confidence to be visible in your life first to yourself and then to others
  • clarity to know what will serve you and FOLLOW through to honor those decisions
  • time (and permission) to enjoy your life
  • willingness to create boundaries that will serve you and your creation of your beautiful life
  • deeper connection with spirit, soul & clarity on what will honor your purpose
  • access to your truth, your deepest inner knowing and the confidence to follow that knowing
  • new energy and vitality to follow your dreams & desires