EXPERIENCE“Live You Fully” Live Event in San Diego California.

Your spot is confirmed at the “Live You Fully” event in San Diego, California. An event unlike anything you have ever been to. It’s not in some stuffy hotel. You’ll be joining 64 other women in a beautiful Villa on the water in La Jolla, California…

The Live You Fully experiential learning event is bringing an innovative approach to you absorbing your transformation. A method of integrating YOU into your world in a way that’s congruent with the way you desire to live your life.

This is where it all comes together. Over the course of 2 ½ days we will be integrating your process and creating lasting change in your life.

This is what Elegant Femme is KNOWN for: Creating unique experiences around the world to enhance, open and allow you to go deeper than you have ever gone before… In an environment, that awakens all of your senses.

We will be sending your  more information in the coming days that will assist you in preparing for your tip…your pre-event guide, hotel recommendations, what to pack, and more!

Event: Live You Fully
Location: Sunny San Diego California (La Jolla)
Date: Saturday June 4 – Monday June 6th

Where exactly? “This ain’t no Marriott” one woman reflected back to me about our event locations! I scour the globe to find the perfect locations to reflect the deep integrative and powerful transformations we create here at Elegant Femme. So we are holding the event in a gorgeous villa in La Jolla!Beauty for me is a necessity and I believe beauty truly heals. The environment is exclusively crafted to support you and create an elite experience that will enhance your learning, your internal discovery and your ability to RECEIVE.

You will be lovingly taken care of, spoiled even;) as you allow yourself to transcend old patterns of behavior especially with the feminine and come into a place of trust, safety and allowing for your next level.