LYF Day 1: Stop Waiting To Honor Who You Are Now

I have something special to share with you for our first challenge, and I think it’s going to come as a little bit of a surprise for you…

You may remember me sharing with you already that:

“A beautiful life starts with a beautiful day.”

For a moment I want you to think about what you feel like when you wake up.

The majority of women, and clients I have wake up and it’s only a matter of time before all of a sudden you feel like you are behind, and you hit the ground running.

  • You start thinking about your To-Do list
  • You start thinking about what everybody else needs from you
  • You feel behind in your day–before you even get out of bed.

This does NOT feel good.

“When you honor yourself, when you honor your needs, your desires, things start to shift for you.”

We are going to start with honoring your body.

Why is this so important?
The way you treat yourself when no one is looking sets the pace for your beautiful life.
Instead of making everybody else a priority first. Focus on how you treat yourself and how you honor yourself when no one is watching.

            This changes EVERYTHING.

We are starting simple.

Wear something beautiful when you go to sleep tonight.


  1. Set out something beautiful to wear to bed tonight
  2. Do not let these objections stop you, “I don’t have anything beautiful; I don’t have the money; I don’t have the time.”
  3. If you are watching this at work–set a timer on your phone while you are watching this video to remember to do this later.

You might be asking…what do I wear?

In the video above, I give several examples of what you can wear to bed tonight. You don’t have to buy anything new.

Here is what I want you to remember:



This is going to become a big theme moving forward in the challenge together (and it includes your lingerie drawer)…


I find so many women are waiting.

Waiting for this, waiting for that.

            We have to STOP WAITING ladies.

Bring the things that are beautiful out into your life, out of your closet and put them into your life so you can start enjoying them RIGHT NOW.

If you have something like this, pull it out and wear it tonight.

Maybe you’re saying, “Tara, are you crazy? I have nothing like this in my drawers. I have nothing.”

You might have some stuff coming up like, “Oh I don’t have the perfect body.”

“You don’t need the perfect body to give yourself permission to start honoring yourself.”

If that is something that has stopped you in the past, I invite you to LET IT GO

There is no perfect body out there.

NO MORE EXCUSES~ It’s time for you to honor all of who you are.

Day 1 Action Step:

  1. Wear something beautiful to bed tonight.
  2. Share your experience in our Facebook Community

Your Facebook Community
We are doing something really special.

Share your experience in our Facebook Community

So many of my clients tell me when they come to Elegant Femme,

            “Tara, I feel completely alone.”
            “I can’t have these conversations, this vibration, this consciousness; it doesn’t exist in my life, family or             workplace.”

We are opening up a complimentary Facebook group for you inside of this challenge, so you can interact with other women that are going through the 9-day Live You Fully Challenge. This is very special. Usually, our Facebook groups are reserved for our paid programs.

You can leave comments, share your responses, share what’s easy, and what might be challenging for you. I will be in there to support you as well.

As soon as you’ve completed the challenge, click the challenge as complete. If you complete each day of the challenge, you will be entered to win some amazing prizes in our contest.

I will see you tomorrow!



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