Day 2

Welcome back to Day 2 of the #LiveYouFullyChallenge ~ #AwakenTheWomanWithin
9 Days to More Joy, Beauty and Purpose in Your Life

Day 2 Challenge: Take this OFF your nightstand!

If you are brand new to the Challenge, Day 1 is there for you to check out and then meet me back here at Day 2.

Waking Up…

Let’s talk about waking up.

This particular challenge is going to change your entire day.

            “A beautiful life starts with a beautiful day.”

The most powerful thing that we can do in the morning is allow ourselves to feel open, aware and in charge of our day.

We are allowing ourselves to be intentional about putting ourselves FIRST.

Be honest with yourself here…

What happens in the morning?

Do you reach for the bedside table, barely awake and think:

“Oh gosh, Facebook, Instagram, how many likes did I get?”
“Oh god, what do I need to do today?”
“Who do I need to respond to?”

The majority of women are reaching immediately for external validation. You need to be honest and authentic with yourself here.

Day 2 Challenge Action: Take your phone away from your bed

If you have the opportunity, get it out of your room completely. Get it away from your head, out of your room and get an alarm clock.

If you can’t do that, it’s ok. Go ahead and move the iPhone away from your bed as far as you can (then you have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm).

Self-loving discipline…
This is going to require some self-loving discipline:

  • Don’t check your email
  • Don’t check your Instagram
  • Don’t check the Facebook
  • Don’t check the phone

Just turn off the alarm and put it down.

“When we first reach for external validation in the morning, we are putting other people in front of our own priorities.”

So many women fall into this. Whether it’s their kids, their husbands, their business, or their clients. It is so easy to step outside of who you are.

This does NOT assist you in waking up to your beautiful life. All of a sudden somebody else’s agenda becomes your agenda.

As you awaken the woman within, what I am interested in and what I know you are interested in, is knowing yourself more

Give yourself some time to feel into yourself and make your own priorities for the day before reaching for the phone.

Remember to check the box once you’ve completed this challenge step for today, so you are eligible to win prizes.

Day 2 of the Challenge and you are doing great. Allow yourself to receive a breathe and remember, trust this process.

Every challenge day is building on the day before. So allow yourself to participate fully. Get that iPhone or smartphone away from your nightstand and I will see you tomorrow.



PS. Share your experience on the Facebook Group. This is a profound way to honor yourself and connect with other women that are stepping into this journey, that are wanting that level of support and a higher level of consciousness.

We are here for you.

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